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Sailing Yacht Cebu, Gwapa Cebuana

Yacht Charter, rent a sailing Yacht

The boat is a sailing yacht with an auxiliary engine, and it would be great if you'll lend us a hand for some of the maneuvers. It must be clearly said that this is no Passenger-Vessel with a high level standard. It is a lifestyle adventure trip and you must face the one or the other privacy restriction in your daily living which you may not be used to at home, as we are living on a rather small boat only.

The sailing yacht is an Europe-France built ketch with a length of 14 meters and 4 meters wide, two masts. As said above, we have 3 x 2 persons cabins, but the cabin aft is during daytime the lobby and the dining room.

Gwapa Cebuana Living room

Our yacht charter service is located in Cebu Philippines. Our sailing yacht offers 3 x 2 person cabins, fresh water, one rest room with shower under deck, and one on the main deck. The other point you have to face is that we are constantly in hot and humid weather conditions and rather high temperatures. There is air-condition on board but mostly used during night times only. If you like you might spend the night on the upper deck to watch the moon and the stars.


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For further information's or reservations please use our contact form

If you are just married or if you like to enjoy your sailing trip for just one day, take a look at our specials.

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Captain Nick's sailing yacht charter service will take care of all your travel needs. Just bring yourself and enjoy the sailing tour through the Islands of the Philipppines.

For further information's about the sailiing tours with captain Nick's sailing yacht charter service in Cebu Philippines, please us the contact form.

Thanks for visiting our website, hope to see you soon on board of our Gwapa Cebuana.

Gwapa Cebuana Main cabin

Sailing and weather Information's

Some information about the climate and the clothing you need. The Philippines are between Latitude 10 degrees North and 14 degrees North. Thus they are in a tropical area. These areas have a temperature scale between warm and very hot, and the climate is very humid. The Philippine islands are placed in the monsoon area and the north will be crossed by typhoons in the months July until December. In our area there will be no Typhoons but of course, the effects of such storms do also hit our area with lots of wind and heavy rainfalls.

This means our sailing areas will be warm and moist. The density will mostly be between 70 and up to 90% and you have to face the fact that you are going to sweat a lot with only little relief by light to moderate sea -breezes. Unless you jump down in the water and cool yourself down for a while. Also in our area there are no shark attacks while you are in the water. Pending on the time of the year you'll meet the trade-winds or monsoons. That means north east monsoon between October and March with a little more dry winds but buckets of rain and sometimes very gusty wind blowing forces to 6 – 7 Bft., with Bft 8 at times.

gwapa cebuana middle cabin

The time between February and June is mostly hot and dry and will be followed by the South-West monsoon until October with still moist weather, higher temperature and mostly moderate winds. Mostly you need just cotton clothes only and should avoid any synthetics. But most of all you should take care for appropriate lotions against sunburn. It would be such a pity if you waste your time on the boat being hit by a sunburned skin.



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